This app serves as an educational platform that provides practical information on identity theft and financial crime prevention and correction. The app comes with a public forum feature where users can ask identity theft questions or share their experiences and an option to talk to a professional investigator.

Identity Theft & Financial Crimes

Different kinds of Identity Theft & Financial Crimes are shown in a blog format(text and photo). This also shows how to prevent those crimes and the counter measure to correct them particularly when the user has been one of the victims.

Public Forum

Public forum allows the user to ask questions or share their experiences publicly where a professional investigator can answer and provides tips to prevent and correct the situation.

Talk To a Private Investigator

The user¬† can see the Private Investigator’s background and his phone numbers. Initially, it will contain the name and number of RPI & Security Consulting Services ( After the initial 10,000 sign ups, and by targeting zip code, this page will direct to each one of the 50 states and an investigator in that state.

Credit Freeze Forms

Allows the user to download “credit freeze” pre-printed forms, other materials, and tips in applying a “credit freeze” for free.

App Screenshots

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